Who to Contact

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Want to help support the #reinstateschiller campaign? Here are people you can contact to voice your support and to ask for the reinstatement of Greg Schiller.
* It is important  you are courteous and straight-forward.

Principal Kim Bruno (kim.bruno@lausd.net | 213-217-8600)
* Ms. Bruno can strongly advocate for Mr. Schiller’s reinstatement. To date, she claims that it is out of her hands but inside contacts from the district office assure us that she is quite capable of advocating for Mr. Schiller. A simple admission that their assessment of the science fair projects was incorrect, an apology to the students, and a formal request to district that Greg Schiller be reinstated at VAPA immediately, would be a great start!

Superintendent of Schools John Deasy (john.deasy@lausd.net)
ISIC Operations Coordinator Irene Hyland (ixh3811@lausd.net)
Instructional Area Superindendent Tommy Chang (tommy.chang@lausd.net)
Director, Pilot and ESBMM Schools Ada Snevens-Stevens (asnethen@lausd.net)
ISIC – Instructional Director Rosie Martinez (rmart8@lausd.net)


One thought on “Who to Contact

  1. Some parents were able to speak to Irene Hyland by calling her at 213-241-0167

    Also, the person in charge of Greg Schiller’s case right now seems to be Council Jose Cantu 213-241-7073 – LAUSD Student Safety Investigation Team.

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