Who manages this blog?

I’m Matt Moran. I’m a parent of a VAPA student who loves the school and loves the opportunity for a Performing Arts and Academic Education. My student is a straight “A” student (hoping fingers crossed and hard work keeps it that way.) You can reach me at:
cbtoolkit (at “@” symbol) gmail [dot “.“] com (obscured to avoid spam)

I am not interested in political posturing, making anyone have a bad day, or – as other parents warned could happen – have my child become the target of retaliation by less honorable parties.

Why do it?

Because I am involved with the PTSA, School Site Council, and help out whenever and whereever possible, I’ve been approached by many parents who expressed concerns about situations at the school. Most intimated a lack of transparency and communication with the “powers that be.”

I’ve experienced a similar lack of communication. The excuse, when pressed, is always, “We are so busy.” or “I didn’t see it.”

To the first response: Welcome to my world. Busy is not an excuse.

To the second response: Oddly, when it is accolades or desired communication it makes it through. When it is a concern, it “doesn’t.” LAUSD must have their firewall set to “ignore concerns.” They should fix that.  😉

On another note, I know, for certain, the 2nd response is less than truthful! You gotta love technology!

If VAPA is so awful, why would you put your child there?

Au contraire! I think Grand Arts is amazing! So many talented teens and teachers. My child loves his/her friends and generally his/her teachers. He/She recognizes some of the same issues but also recognizes the AMAZING potential of this school.

And the truth is, most of the teachers recognize the same potential! That’s why they are there.

The goal of this site is NOT to cause any problems for VAPA or LA Unified. And all will have an opportunity to voice their concerns and respond accordingly.

The goal of the VAPA Community is to ensure transparency, fairness, and accountability – to ensure the students (all of the students) have an opportunity for an AMAZING performing arts and academic experience!


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