Daryl Narimatsu of LA Unified School District for the win

Did Daryl Narimatsu flip me off?

I need everyone’s help. There is a short survey at the end of this blog post.

I was being a little bit campy at today’s Rally for Greg Schiller at Ramon C. Cortines School of the Visual and Performing Arts (Grand Arts / VAPA). I was certainly being polite and said hi to Assistant Principal, Bill Webb and Dean of Students, Mr. Reyes. Mr. Reyes and I spoke about the value of the students exercising their right to protest… it is a good lesson.

I also got a photo with Rosie Martinez, Instructional Director for LAUSD and one with her and Bill Webb. She was unenthusiastic but Bill was cool….

Rosie Martinez and Bill Webbs join me in supporting Greg Schiller Me & Rosie Martinez from LAUSD

Okay.. truth.. I was selfie photo-bombing them.. well.. actually sort of helping them photo-bomb my selfies I suppose.

But here is where it gets curious. I saw another gentleman there. He had that sophisticated, humorless, LAUSD look. The sort of look that seems to say, “I know how to say nothing in a lot of words.” (I’m being snippy again.. but see below and you may understand why)

I introduced myself to him and he told me his name was Daryl Narimatsu, Administrator of Operations for ISIC.(LAUSD) As he was writing his name on some paper – apparently he had no cards – I snapped two selfies with him in the picture. I posted them online and someone pointed out that I’d been PHOTO-BOMBED! Or Finger-bombed.

I decided to zoom in on the potentially offending digit.. and darn if it don’t seem to be so.

Congratulations Daryl Narimatsu, you have pulled the ultimate coup. Well-played… well-played…
(survey question below picture)
Did Daryl Narimatsu flip me off?

Is Daryl as good as he seems? Did he finger-photo-bomb me? Was it intentional?
(yes or no in the comments)


7 thoughts on “Daryl Narimatsu of LA Unified School District for the win

  1. I find it truly offensive that a representative of the school district in such a way. One would hope that the representatives of LAUSD would act in a professional manner and in such a way that the students will learn how to comport themselves. He should be reprimanded for the way he has brought the LAUSD into further disrepute and he should apologize publicly for his action

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