VAPA administration moves to block former students and parents

File this under weird.. or frightened… or same old same old. It is always interesting how people and organizations reveal what their about.

Lack of Transparency is the Policy du Jour

Friday a former student stood in front of VAPA with a sign asking for Schiller’s return and handing out tape with mustaches on it.

Today, the same former student and another former student showed up to hand out small pamphlets letting students and others know about a rally on Thursday, the #reinstateschiller hashtag for social media, and this website.

Assistant Principal Bill Webb informed them they could not pass this information out. They stopped.

Shutting parents out of the parent’s center

Also, on Friday,  parents were told they could not be in the parent’s center unless the parent center representative/liaison was there. This is a departure from how the parent’s center has been used since it opened. In fact, the parent center was open for parents when there was no parent liaison working at the school. Better parental involvement and the parent center specifically was a critical factor in their WASC accreditation.

Yesterday, a former student who was meeting with me to get an update on what I knew about Schiller’s case, and a current parent were told they had to leave the parent’s center. I was outside taking a call and my laptop was locked in the room.

I went to the office and asked them to get Mr. Reyes, Dean of Students, to open the room so I could get my laptop. When he came up, he was accompanied by Rosie Martinez from the district. She asked me several questions about what I did in the parent’s center.

It was very big brother-ish. Later Mr. Reyes admitted to me that the interaction seemed, “awkward.”

I thanked Mr. Reyes and told him that should anyone from administration wish to reach out to me, they have my number.

The Bigger Concern

The change in policy for the parent’s center only serves one purpose.. to make it more challenging for parent’s to be involved and get information. This seems to be, unfortunately, the modus operandi of the administration.

If you read about the district guidelines for parental involvement and the parent center specifically, VAPA administration seems intent on running directly counter to the expressed attitude of welcome parental participation.

District Page on Parental Involvement/Parent Bill of Rights

The District Parent Center Page

I welcome a written response from VAPA Administration on how their new policy best helps parents stay involved with their child’s education. I will publish their response here, unedited, in it’s entirety.


One thought on “VAPA administration moves to block former students and parents

  1. Doesn’t this sound like what is going on at Boston Childrens hospital where they have, in effect, kidnapped a young girl because they did not like the medical treatment that she was getting from the doctors at Tufts medical center in CT,

    Government officials using their power to bully parents and children.

    It is past 1984 and BIG BROTHER is in full operation!

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